Inofficial Popfest am Karlsplatz #1

Photo by ZweipixeL
Photo by ZweipixeL

Making Street-Music is the most incredible, wonderful thing on earth!

Letting it out instead of keeping it in. Sending it into space instead of having it rebound on the walls of the rehearsal-room or the club you're playing at. Not being bound to microphones and amps. Getting sweaty because of all the jumping and screaming.


2 Days ago we had 2 hours of sunshine, the right amount of wind and summer-loving people around when we stood in front of the Karls-church in Vienna to "practice" outdoor.

(c) ZweipixeL
(c) ZweipixeL



Here you have a link with some beautiful new pictures made by ZweipixeL, with the Flying Fish                                  "on the street" --->




- - - 12. Mai 2013 - - -

(Karlsplatz, ca. 12.00)

- - - 18. Mai 2013 - - -

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