An Album A Day Makes The MadHeadNess Stay, Anniversary-Alarm and Addwaitya!

with Chrizzle in the Studio!
with Chrizzle in the Studio!



Yesterday we had our Studio-day numero uno and that means that the Album-release is getting closer and closer!

It was a very efficient, active and totally crazy session with Sushi, Yelling, Dancing and Mario-Cart.

We feel very excited and are full of energy, motivation and ideas at the moment, and that feels gooooood




Also, last saturday, one year ago, we had our very first concert at wonderful "Mike's Werkstatt". It was a very personal, intimate and enthralling evening .


A big step onto a new path for the three of us.

You can find the pictures of this amazing day





Since today, at shortly after 10 p.m., our facebook-page has


Thats a quarter of one-thousand!

And it's ten times 25!


AND it also was the age of Addwaitya (meaning, "The one and only" or "nun-duality" in Sanskrit), the oldest tortoise in the world, that had been the pet of Robert Clive, the famous British military officer in colonial India around the middle of the 18th century. It died only a few years ago and was amongst the longest-living animals in the world.




Stay on track, we will keep you in the loop ;-)




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